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The Lost Pages of Cinderella
24-Hour Assassination Operation

Story and Characters Created by Joshua Branson Barker

Written by Joshua Branson Barker, Mindy Barker, and Jared Barker

"This is not your normal Cinderella story. This is the story of me. You’re probably wondering who “me” is. Well, “me” is I, and I am Phantom. I am here to tell you about the pages that were lost and the assassination of Cinderella. Or rather, the attempted assassination, but that is beside the point. Here is the tale of my epic journey to become the greatest villain of all time. It all started on a dark and stormy night…"

~Master of All Villainy,


A classic tale… With a twist! In pursuit of becoming the greatest villain of all time, Phantom has placed an ad in the local Charming Times offering his villainous services for hire. His first customer knocks on his door one evening to request that Phantom assassinate her stepdaughter, Cinderella, before the clock strikes midnight. However, Phantom is not quite the brilliant mastermind that he thinks he is, so many hilarious antics ensue as he is accompanied by his sidekicks, the vain and beautiful Mischief and the gentle giant Mayhem. In their adventures, the villainous trio encounters familiar fairy tale characters. Phantom is the missing link that connects your favorite fairy tales, and this is the true story of the pages that were lost.

The Lost Pages of Cinderella: 24-Hour Assassination Operation is dedicated to the cast of the original stage play, which was produced by Encore! Theatre Arts and opened on February 29, 2012 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. The authors would also like to thank Marcy and Matthew Morrison, April Barker, Lynn and Victoria Hannath, Morey Family, Terrell Family, Burchart Family, Brinson Family, Penny Plett, John Barker, Gehres Family, Jan Lovelace, Trina Fowler, Holly Fimple, and Frank Gallagher. Thank you for being a part of this special project!

The Lost Pages of Cinderella

and the Phantom Fairy

Presented by

Encore! Theatre Arts

Written by

Joshua Branson Barker, Mindy Barker, Victoria Hannath

February 29 - March 3, 2012

Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Cast & Crew

Directed by Joshua Branson Barker, Mindy Barker

Set Design by Joshua Branson Barker

Light Design by Owen Hawbaker

Sound Design by Mindy Barker

Dance Choreography by Mindy Barker

Combat Choreography by Joshua Branson Barker

Joshua Branson Barker as Phantom

Matthew Morrison as Mayhem

Victoria Hannath as Mischief

Tamara Faylor as Fairy Godmother

Ron Terrell as Fairy Godfather

Reed Probst as Diablo

Casey Bailey as Kitty

Blake Lewis as Prince Charming

Cathy Woods as Queen Isabelle Charming

John Barker as King Richard Charming

Brooklyn Rousset as Francis

Taylor Terrell as Lionel

Emily Thresher as Winston

Tyler Gleason as Gassy

Mabel Sanchez as Stepmother

Ashly Alexandra as Agatha

Ivy Woodson as Gertrude

Mindy Barker as News Reporter

Ashlee Overton as Rapunzel, Belle Amour

Neosha Pendergraft as Ariel, Baker

Jordan Buie as Briar Rose, Cinderella Understudy

Brianna Bush as Red Riding Hood

Colby Barker as Jack

Nancy Chambers as Granny

Justin Barker as Lumberjack, Human Gassy

Brooklyn Wilson as Esmeralda

Abby Morey as Goldilocks

Briley Schmeeckle as Miss Muffet

Brianna Simon as Little Bo Peep

Justice Barker as Young Cinderella

Michael Conroy as Ball Guest, Poisoned Dwarf

Lydia Conroy as Villager, Ball Guest

Axyl Langford as Trumpeter

Michael Selman as Villager, Prisoner

Tori Reed as Villager, Ball Guest

Marisa Schmidt as Villager, Ball Guest

Ashleigh McDonald as Cinderella